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Escape Buried Lies With Phil Mickelson
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Escape Buried Lies With Phil Mickelson
Gary Player Teaches You How To Hit A Draw
Well, if you do it wrong of course it´╗┐ won't work. The point is to do it right. I was surprised though, he didn't say anything about foot position or alignment. I love it, keep it ..
Golf Tips Bunker Shots - Phil Mickelson
This golf lesson teaches you about Hit Better Bunker Shots. Improve your golf game with video lessons from top golf instructors Phil Mickelson. ..
A Flop Shot Lesson With Phil Mickelson
he flop is an impressive shot if you pull it off. Phil is absolutely correct that it is a low percentage shot. The majority of the time a more conventional´╗┐ approach will produce b ..
Golf Tips : Golf Swing Tips
In order to improve golf swing mechanics, it's important not to lift the club too early, to keep the head steady and to hold the finish. Learn how to do a one-piece takeaway in gol ..
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