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 Nike Power Distance Super Far Golf Balls
Nike Power Distance Super Far Golf Balls
The Super Flex Core is a solid polybutadiene center with an instantaneous snap flex response. The core snaps back to shape so fast and with such voracity after impact that it creates an explosive initial velocity off the clubface. The intensity of the Sup ...more
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(5 out of 5)
Great Deal!
They are balls that were used for company turnies, or other promotional events, but they are real Nike Distance balls and don't don't suffer at all in playability. I actually got a few I really like and added them to my ball collection.
Reviewed by: namiChun    03.05.2010
(5 out of 5)
Good Balls
I'm very happy with these balls and will buy again. These balls are fantastic! All the power and speed of the Nike Mojos at a fraction of the regular cost. These balls, which I have purchased again and again, are high in quality and durability.
Reviewed by: Alan    03.09.2010
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