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 Hawk EC1 Motorized Push Cart
Hawk EC1 Motorized Push Cart
Ultra-Light Titanium alloy frame Charging time: 2 hours; only 25lbs inclubing battery Super light NiMh battery pack (only 5 lbs.) Hawk's exclusive front wheel drive system tested best in incline performance Free wheel design eliminates concern of gett ...more
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(3 out of 5)
Good Cart - Battery Questionable
My dad purchased this cart a couple of years ago and it worked well for about 25 rounds playing twice per week. Then the battery started going south. We're trying to find a battery for it, but haven't had any success yet, and the Hawk web site doesn't give any information.
Reviewed by: Pete    04.12.2012
(2 out of 5)
Found replacement battery
I received an email from David Reed. He can rebuild the battery for 179.00 dollars plus shipping. His phone # is 866-433-4295. I hope this help's
Reviewed by: Mike    05.10.2012
(4 out of 5)
My variable speed controller went out. Does anyone know where I can order another speed control?
Reviewed by: Geo    05.06.2013
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