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 Mizuno MX-900 Iron Sets
Mizuno MX-900 Iron Sets
The Mizuno Product Development Team challenged itself to create the highest level of Game Improvement irons, utilizing cutting edge design technology. The MX-900?is not only the most Hi-Tech iron Mizuno USA has ever produced, but it also delivers unbeliev ...more
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(5 out of 5)
Very forgiving. Very good for high handicappers
This is my 3rd now and finally a keeper. I am not a pro nor very good at it so enough following what the pros use. MX-900 is for real to me. Good balance and very forgiving, meaning you won't be out of play if you hit it real bad. I never hit the 3 iron that straight. I am using this at tee now until I fix my driver (or is it me that is broken). This one is discontinued so Irecommend you buy the next series. Mine is slightly used from eBay.
Reviewed by: JackJax    06.29.2013
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